Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane



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Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane

This cane was designed to be light and comfortable for daily use, constructed with ultra-light, carbon fiber material and the contoured derby style handle provides a comfortable and secure grip while reducing hand and wrist fatigue. Plus easily adjusts with a secure locking latch and push pin system from 29” to 37.5” in height for a personalized fit.

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 Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane Key Specs

  • Cane Height: adjustable range from 29” to 37.5”
  • Handle:  5 ¾” by 1”
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Weight: 0.82 lb
  • Materials: carbon fiber and fiberglass

Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane FAQ

Can the Vive carbon fiber cane be used for the right hand or the left hand?

Yes, this cane is suitable for left or right-handed use without interfering with your stride.

How much does the carbon fiber cane weigh?

The lightweight cane weighs approximately 0.82 pounds.

Can the carbon fiber cane be adjusted to 30” in height?

Yes, the cane height is easy to adjust from 29” to 37.5” to comfortably fit most adults.

Will this cane work for someone with knee instability?

Yes, this cane will provide added stability on the weak side to reduce slips and falls.

Does the carbon fiber cane have a weight limit?

Yes, is designed to safely support up to 250 pounds.

Does it work well on plush carpeting?

Yes! Is tipped with a nonslip cap for easily navigating most surfaces, including plush carpeting.

Will this carbon fiber cane stand up by itself?

This Vive cane is not self-standing. A lightweight, self-standing option is available here.

Does the entire cane have the carbon fiber pattern?

Yes, the carbon fiber pattern appears on the entire cane shaft.

Is the cane tip replaceable?

Yes! The cane tip is replaceable as needed.

What size cane tip does this use?

The cane tip is a 0.5” rubber tip.

Is the cane’s derby handle hard or soft?

The contoured handle is firm and ergonomically designed to minimize hand and wrist fatigue.

Can I walk with the carbon fiber cane outside?

Yes, this cane is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

If you need help getting around, the Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane, is a great option.
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Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane

Vive Health Carbon Fiber Cane