EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair



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EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair

The Heartway Spring is a manual wheelchair with an extra cushioned reclining seat that reclines up to 30 degrees!  The footrests recline too, so you feel like you are in a real cozy recliner - perfect for those going through physical rehabilitation. It also features removable side panels with height-adjustable armrests and swing-away leg rests, elevating leg rests are optional.
The Spring can easily carry up to 300 lbs and weighs only 84 lbs. The wheelchair attendant has a throttle brake by their left hand to help control the speed of the wheelchair, especially on declines!

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EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair Features

  • Manual Recliner Tilting
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Ergonomic Headrest and Seat Cushions
  • Enhanced Handling

    EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair Built For Comfort

    There's nothing more uncomfortable than riding all day on a low-to-the-ground wheelchair with either your knees in your lap or your hips sagging into the weak seat. It leads to aching backs, tight hips, and overall poor posture.

    While most of the industry thinks it's okay to have one size fits all seat and no suspension, EV Rider knows that's not healthy.

    The EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair is built with your comfort in mind. This wheelchair has multiple seat width options (16", 18", and 22") so you are guaranteed to stay comfortable for those long rides. The suspension system is top-notch, so you won't even notice riding over small rocks or bumpy terrain.

    The EV Rider Heartway Spring wants you to feel like you're riding in your reclining chair at home, and it does a perfect job of helping you feel that way!

    If you need help getting around, the EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair, is a great option. If this rollator isn't for you, consider the Vive Health Transport Wheelchair, the EV Rider Move-x Rollator, or the Vive Health Foldable Rollator Series T.

    Vive Health Transport Wheelchair Key Specs

    • Weight Capacity:  300 lbs
    • Weight Of Product:  84 lbs
    • Ground Clearance:  1.50"
    • Maximum Incline:  6°
    • Front Wheel Size:  8"
    • Rear Wheel Size:  24''
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    EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair

    EV Rider Heartway Spring Manual Wheelchair