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Who We Are

Spirit Mobility started with our appreciation for the small moments that make life
special, like being able to partake in favorite activities and spend time with loved
ones. It started with spending time with our grandparents, being blessed with their
presence at family reunions and holidays and experiencing the joy of seeing our own kids spending time with their great-grandparents.

Aging can make it more difficult to get around and feel independent. When we were visiting Alfred, my wife’s grandfather, in his retirement community, it was a struggle for him to go for a walk. One day, he purchased a mobility scooter. When we saw him cruising around like a happy camper we were so delighted and happy for him—it really changed his mood and his life.

The scooter really changed his daily routine and allowed him to do things he couldn’t before. The joy and freedom we saw on his face really stick with us for a while.

Few years went by and we still remember his happy face.

I finally took the decision to look deeper in the mobility aids industry, and after weeks of research and comparisons between brands and types of electric vehicles, I decided to create Spirit Mobility and specialize in mobility scooters.

As of today, spirit mobility works with the best suppliers in the US and has helped a lot of customers get their freedom and usual lifestyle back.

Not only do spirit mobility offers the best mobility scooters on the market, but at the lowest prices possible.

You can't go wrong using our services to help you find your lifestyle back.

Warm Regards.

Dave & J

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