Vive Health ProFlex Strap



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Vive Health ProFlex Strap

The Vive ProFlex Strap has multiple uses with a versatile design. Lift and move your legs with this handy product. Great for physical therapy, the Proflex strap can be used to regain mobility and flexibility following surgery or injury.

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Vive Health ProFlex Strap Key Specs

  • 16.25” by 3.5” by 2.25”
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces
  • Materials: Aluminum, nylon and neoprene

Vive Health ProFlex Strap FAQ

What is the strap made of?

The strap is constructed with reinforced nylon webbing with padded hand loops.

What are the dimensions of the Proflex strap?

Measures 16.25” by 3.5” by 2.25”.

Can I use the strap to gain mobility in my shoulder?

Yes, allows the shoulder to be stretched to improve flexibility.

Will the Proflex strap help in my knee rehabilitation?

Yes, under the direction of a physician or physical therapist, the Proflex strap may be used in rehabilitation following surgery or injury.

Is the loop adjustable?

Yes! The strap foot loop is adjustable to accommodate all foot sizes, with and without shoes.

Is the foot loop rigid?

The loop is semi-rigid with a flexible top strap and will accommodate any foot, shoe or cast.

Is the strap adjustable?

The lifter strap features two sets of handles, allowing for the strap to be used in a shortened position.

Is the nylon lifter strap durable?

Yes! It is made of durable nylon webbing with reinforced stitching for long-term use.

Can I use this to lift my leg on my bed?

Yes! The Proflex leg lifter strap is ideal for maneuvering weak or injured legs onto a bed, chair or into a car.

I just had hip replacement surgery, and I’m having a hard time getting in and out of cars. Will the Vive Proflex help?

Yes, this strap acts as a leg lifter, helping you move your legs onto a bed, chair or car without risking injury.

If you need help getting around, the Vive Health ProFlex Strap, is a great option.
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Vive Health ProFlex Strap

Vive Health ProFlex Strap