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The Lightest Mobility Scooters

The Lightest Mobility Scooters

Are your legs not working like they used to, are you differently abled or do you just want to beat traffic. The diagnosis of your situation does not matter. What matters is the remedy for a fuller life. Don’t stay cooped up at home just because you cannot move, choose the Mobility Scooter. It doesn’t matter what size you are or your condition’s specifications with the mobility scooter, there is something for everyone. This device has the structure of a wheelchair but its configuration is that of a motor scooter, cool right. You do not have to go through the hassle of having someone follow you all day, pushing you the whole way with the mobility scooter. It can be easily manned and its setup is quite easy too. The mobility scooter will get you where you’re going and on time too. We know you love feeling safe when you go outside and this is why the mobility scooter has 3-5 wheels, to improve balance and movement. Now some of these mobility scooters are neither portable nor can they be easily assembled. This is what has led to the manufacture of 2 of the lightest mobility scooters of all time. They are;

  • Triaxe Sport Lightest Scooter
  • Snap N Go Lightest Scooter

Let’s highlight some facts about the two.

This mobility scooter is super comfortable and can go a minimum range of 35 miles on a single charge with its standard Lithium battery. It can be charged anywhere be at home or in public places like malls or restaurants. It is very portable with a controlled speed limit of up to 9mph. For such a resourceful machine one would think it weighs a ton, but it only weighs 55 pounds and can efficiently carry a load of about 350 pounds.

This 3wheel scooter can easily turn in tight spaces because of its radius. Equipped with a luggage rack and an LED headlight, it can be used to go shopping even at night. Parking and stopping isn’t a problem with its rear disk brakes and main parking brake to halt and park whenever needed.

It is very portable and can fit into a car, a plane, trains or even a bus. It can also be folded and kept when not in use or bagged up in its travel bag and put on a plane as its travel battery does not infringe any TSA guidelines. This travel battery however optional can go a distance of 18 miles, being the only TSA approved scooter to have that range.

Its handlebars make maneuvering really easy. Also, it has a cushioned 13 inches wide standard seats with an optional 18 inches wide seat to accommodate all sizes of people. This scooter can go through speed bumps and little hills with 18 degrees as its climbing angle. The Triaxe Sport lightest scooter is truly functional to individuals who need mobile support to carry on with their day to day life experiences. It is very durable with a warranty of up to 4 years with minimal maintenance procedures.

It comes in different colors and can be found in local and online stores worldwide.

Now this scooter just hits all the right spots. It is stable, safe, lightweight and very affordable. This scooter is perfect for individuals with walking difficulties and conditions who do not want to miss out on the wonders of the outside world.

Also your case may not be this dire, you may just want to relax your feet a little and also enjoy fresh air while grabbing groceries or seeing a movie, the Snap N Go Lightweight Scooter makes all this possible. Its collapsible and detachable storage basket makes it perfect for putting groceries or any other merchandise. This 28pound beauty can go a distance of 18 miles when fully charged. Charging is easy and only requires 3 and a half hours for full charge. You can do this when it’s not in use. The one requirement you should have before getting this equipment is good vision (because we wouldn’t want you to get hit), coordination, balance and minimum strength.

Also individuals should either be able to stand or walk on their own or with limited assistance before purchasing the Snap N Go.

This scooter has a bicycle style seat and also a deluxe (full) seat depending on your preference. Its deluxe seat comes with back and arm rests giving you that extra comfort with adjustable positions.

This scooter is not just for the elderly anymore as millennials are loving it because of its safe and easy charge properties. It is easy to pack, set up and drive. It also has 3-speed settings and an LED light to accommodate different times in different environments.

The Snap N Go can efficiently support a rider’s weight of up to 300 pounds without wavering or imbalance. It can also be bagged easily on a plane as it weighs the equivalent of a packed suitcase. It has a warranty of 3-5 years and can brake by default when the thumb controls are freed. The Snap N Go can be driven on sidewalks, streets, roads and parking lots or even inside the house to annoy your family. Its 3 wheels make it very safe for the elderly and casual to millennials.

With mobility becoming a problem in the elderly and even adults, the manufacture of the Triaxe Sports Lightest Scooter and the Snap N Go lightest scooter was necessary, not only to aid movement but also to enjoy life fully and wholly. Their features although similar makes maneuvering very easy and their rechargeable batteries that can last long periods. These scooters are also used by millennials not because they have problems with their legs but because it makes beating traffic and getting to places on time possible. It is also considered casual and trendy.

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