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The Best Travel Handicap Scooter

The Best Travel Handicap Scooter

Ever since the advent of science and technology there has been the development of products that make life relatively easier and ensure processes and/or procedures are carried out faster, more efficiently and many times in cost-effective manners. One such product is the scooter. A scooter is a vehicle similar to a motorcycle but with a wide unhindered platform for the accommodation of the rider’s feet. Having been made since the early 1900’s, the scooters are widely popular for personal use. This popularity could be based on the fact that they are convenient, easy to operate, easy to use, more portable than cars and even much more affordable than some alternatives.

Handicap Scooter

Handicap scooters are also known as mobility scooters and they are best used for and widely used by people experiencing difficulties standing or walking long distances. They are also used by people medically regarded as ‘handicapped’. Even though they can be used by people across age groups, handicap scooters are widely popular among the elderly.

Why do people use handicap scooters?

People make use of handicap scooters for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to:

  1. Their capabilities go beyond that which walkers, canes and/or manual wheelchairs offer.
  2. They provide lots of comforts, convenience, and independence to their riders.
  3. They are easier to maneuver than and are also a cheaper alternative to electrical wheelchairs.
  4. They are fun to drive, meaning their riders get to have fun while carrying out their activities.
  5. They afford those with health challenges like systemic or body disabling conditions, lack of stamina and/or muscle flexibility etc. the luxury to commute from place to place without having to always lean on someone else.
  6. They boost the rider’s morale and esteem as they do not look like wheelchairs, seeing as disabilities are perceived as shameful in many climes.

Travel Handicap Scooter Brands

Out of a variety of brands to make a pick from, to be discussed below are certain brands which are well ahead of the rest of their pack. (Note that these are only advisory and not compulsory).


Triaxe Sport Travel Mobility Scooter

This high-performing scooter has the following features:

  1. It has a remarkable turning radius which makes it easy to handle even in tight spaces.
  2. It has adjustable hand bars to suit the rider’s use.
  3. Its tires are flat free and were designed to be adaptable to numerous surfaces which include dirt-filled roads, grassy paths, pavements and/or gravel-filled ways.
  4. It is 55lbs in weight and has a weight-carrying capacity of 350lbs.
  5. It is lightweight and folds flat in a matter of seconds thereby allowing for ease of storage and/or transport.
  6. The extended carry space allows for the carriage of extra luggage.
  7. The freewill mode option allows the scooter to be easily moved about like a suitcase would.
  8. No assembly is needed as it can be easily set up in seconds.
  9. Its 48V, 12Amps Lithium battery confers on it the ability to travel up to 35miles even on a single charge.
  10. The optional 48V, 6Amps lithium battery not only has a range of about 18miles but it also meets airline regulatory standards. These mean that their riders can travel farther with lesser worries.


Solax Transformer Travel Mobility Scooter

 The features of this electric scooter include:

  1. It offers both manual and remote controlled folding and unfolding operations.
  2. It is lightweight at about 55lbs and has a weight-carrying capacity of 300lbs.
  3. It is very portable, convenient, extremely comfortable, easy to use and easy to travel with.
  4. It is key operated.
  5. It has four wheels for stability.
  6. It is easy to assemble.
  7. It can go in both forward and reverse motions.
  8. It folds into a compact unit that can fit even small spaces.
  9. It has a fast-charging lithium battery which gives it up to 13.5 miles range on a single charge.
  10. It complies with all set regulations regarding Lithium Ion batteries.


Snap N Go Travel Mobility Scooter 

This lightweight scooter has the following features:

  1. It is an amazing blend of comfort, mobility, and portability.
  2. Like its name implies, it can be dissembled and folded up in seconds.
  3. It can be carried about like a roller suitcase would.
  4. It can be conveniently loaded into the trunk or back seat of a car irrespective of its size.
  5. It has a weight of 28lbs (except the seats) and a weight-carrying capacity of 300lbs.
  6. It has a dual option of seats (the comfortable deluxe seat which has a detachable arm-rest or the 2lbs-weighing light travel bike seat) which can be used based on the rider’s preference.
  7. The seat can be swiveled or slid back and forth in order to accommodate varying rider sizes.
  8. It has both electrical and mechanical brakes for safety purposes.
  9. It has handlebar-level charging port with a charge time of 2hours (75%) or 3hours (100%) for its smart battery.
  10. Its Lithium-Ion battery which is FAA regulations compliant can give a 200lbs person a 15miles range on a single charge. 


EW-19 Travel Scooter

The features of this 3-wheeled scooter are as follows:

  1. It has an executive seat with backrest.
  2. It uses a key start.
  3. It performs well on rough terrain.
  4. It has three different speed settings: high, medium and low.
  5. It has a large rear basket for the carriage of carry-ons.
  6. Its horn is electric.
  7. It is fitted with a USB port and a cell phone holder.
  8. The fitted LED front lights, rear lights, turn signals and brake lights confer on it a pleasant aesthetic.
  9. It weighs 128lbs and has a weight-carrying capacity of 300lbs.
  10. It can reach up to 15mph and 21miles per single charge.

Gone are the days when the human movement was impaired as a result of a partial or total loss of functioning of certain body parts. With technology, like those of the travel handicap scooters highlighted above, an easy commute is now possible and should be embraced.


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