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Mobility Scooters For Airplanes

Mobility Scooters For Airplanes

Basically, mobility scooters often times referred to as power-operated vehicles are mobility aids that are equivalents of wheelchairs but are designed and configured like motor scooters. They have been developed to help those with mobility issues. Interestingly, some have been developed for airplane travels. They are designed to offer the needed independence and freedom for long distance travels without having to break a sweat. With the increasing popularity mobility scooters have garnered over the last couple of years, tons have been developed each to cater to the needs of those with mobility issues. Some have been developed for airplane travels and we will take a look at some of them.

  1. Solax Transformer;

The solax transformer airplane scooter is an automatic folding scooter that has been designed to offer the most amazing features as well as makes the user feel as comfortable as possible. This scooter has been designed to come with a remote that offers you the opportunity to quickly set up or fold the scooter. With this scooter, you do not need to assemble and disassemble as the remote and automatic folding feature does that.

Solax Transformer Airline Friendly

Interestingly, this scooter comes with a lithium battery which is approved by almost all airlines. With just one charge, users can go as long as 13 miles. You will find it interesting to know that this automatic folding scooter weighs only about 54 pounds, but has a weight capacity of about 300 pounds. The automatic folding feature of this mobility scooter makes it easier to fix it in the trunk of your car perfectly. It also makes it possible as it could be folded to the size of a suitcase when not being used.

The solax transformer mobility scooter has been designed to be firm to enable it to handle the outdoor terrains. As an added benefit, this automatic folding scooter comes in about three (3) different colors, thus, offering you the opportunity to choose which best suits you.

  1. Solax Mobile Plus

This happens to be the newest automatic folding scooter at the moment. It is recorded that the developers of this amazing scooter took out enough time to study most of the folding scooters that have been developed previously. This scooter has been designed with padded seats to ensure that yours are comfortable even if they have to sit for hours.

Interestingly, this amazing scooter comes with a space that has been left to add a spare battery. So asides the 13.5 miles that the battery offers, you could add an extra battery. This means that with this scooter your battery problem would become a thing of the past. Like the Solax transformer that is mentioned, the mobie plus is lightweight with a weight capacity of about 300lbs.

  1. Shoprider Enduro Mobility Scooter

This is another amazing mobility scooter from the Golden brand. This amazing scooter comes with an amazing super bright LED light as well as a tight turning radius. This amazing scooter has a full suspension system accompanied by a heavy duty frame. This mobility scooter has been designed with a 500lbs weight capacity. Like the others, this non-automatic folding scooter is also lightweight and weighs about 35 pounds.

Shoprider Enduro Airline Friendly

The Shoprider Enduro has a 22amp standard battery. One full charge of this battery offers you a 14-mile range mobility. Although not being an automatic folding scooter, this scooter is quite easy to assemble and has been made to be sturdy which makes it perfect for not just airplanes but also outdoors. Unlike the others, this mobility scooter is quite cheap and has been developed by one of the most prominent and purpose-driven brands in the scooter industry.

  1. Shoprider Runner Mobility Scooter:

This is an ultra-light smart scooter that is at the same time incredibly cheap. This mobility scooter has been designed to be sturdy and at the same time super comfortable. For further comfort, this scooter has been designed with an adjustable tiller as well as a front headlight for added convenience. Like mentioned earlier, this scooter is lightweight as it weighs only about 27 pounds. It has a weight capacity of about 300lbs

The shoprider runner is fast, offers users the opportunity to venture into long range walks. This scooter can be easily assembled.

  1. Afiscooter S Wheel Mobility Scooter:

This non-automatic folding scooter has been developed to make users feel as comfortable as possible. It is designed with a 12amp standard battery which offers users about 8 miles walk on one full charge. This scooter has a 450lb (which is about 200kg) weight capacity and weighs about 33 pounds in size.

Afiscooter S Airline Friendly

The Afiscooter S is easy to assemble and at the same time, it is portable. This scooter comes with an adjustable seat accompanied by a shock-absorbing steel frame. For safety, the panic sensor feature has been added by the development of this scooter.

What To Do Before Taking The Mobility Scooter For Airplane Travels

To ensure that you make better use of the mobility scooter, there are certain things that should be done. They include:

  • Ensure that the scooter is fully charged before you leave for the airport
  • To be on the safer side, it is advised that you take a spare key with you
  • Ensure that your device charger is packed, also it is wise that you take with you a plug adapter
  • Ensure that the airline attendants know how to fold the scooter. This is to make sure that it is stored securely.
  • It is advised that you become familiar with some of the local rules for mobility scooters in the country or city you are traveling to.
  • It is also wise that you research about the airline you might be traveling on. This is to enable you to choose one that is able to offer the needed services.
  • It is also advised that you arrange for help prior to your arrival at the airport.


Mobility scooters have made it easier for those with mobility issues to move around freely. We have talked about the various types of mobility scooters as well as helpful tips that would guide you.

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