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Can I drive my scooter on the road?

Can I drive my scooter on the road?

The world has gradually become a place with rampant development. Years ago, the world could not boast of so many innovations. One sector which has undergone a transformation over the years is the transport sector. Every day, new roads are built to facilitate the ever-growing number of vehicles which is used in commuting from one place to another. Learning how to drive these vehicles could take time and some people lack the current skills. Thus scooters were introduced to make life a lot easier for such ones.

However, more questions would be raised in the minds of the individuals. One of such questions would be if it is legal to ride a scooter on the road. Do the rules of driving support the case of the scooter? Fortunately for everyone, we shall address this issue in this article.


Driving mobility scooters are allowed on the road and highways. However, due to safety driving rules, there are a few guidelines which scooters must follow while on the road. When looking at scooters, it is quite clear that scooters are nothing like cars.

The scooter does not give its users the amount of protection which a car would offer its user. What this means is that in the event of an accident, the passengers and driver in the scooter could very well find themselves up in the air. This is especially true when it involves a collision with a car. Accidents with scooters are most likely going to lead to injuries sometimes even fatal ones.

This is not helped by the fact that most highway laws now consider the scooter to be some form of vehicle. Therefore, cars may not really take it easy on scooters. Most times, a mobility scooter is seen as a class 2 scooter or a class three (3) scooters. What is the difference between these two scooters?

The difference can be seen in their speed. When it comes to the class 2 scooter, it can speed up to 4mph. however, these class 2 scooters CANNOT be used on the road. Ouch for all those with class 2 scooters out there but it is not possible. However, for class 3 scooters who has the ability to climb to about 12 mph, they can be used on the road. They are max out at 150 kilograms in terms of weight. In the United Kingdom, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency which is also known as the DVLA is the agency which is responsible for registering all vehicles. This also includes scooter. Hence before you are able to take your scooter into the road, they must be duly registered with the DVLA.

It is also important to note that the age requirement for persons driving scooters on the road is 14 years old. Therefore, persons less than that age would not be permitted to drive a scooter on the road. There are also other requirements as regards to eyesight and registration numbers, but there are generally easy to deal with.


When it comes to the road, safety driving cannot be overemphasized. It is such a busy place and the slightest mistake could lead to an accident. Driving with a scooter amid the fleet of cars can even pose to be a more dangerous scenario. There are certain things to keep in mind while driving scooters in order to avoid creating unnecessary havoc with your scooter.

First things first, always remember that your scooter has restrictions on the time of road which it can be driven. For example, the law does not make provision for scooters to drive in motorways or lanes meant exclusively for buses. Driving there could be going against the laws and the safety rules which have been set in place. Also going for a ride on your scooter on a dual carriageway is like stroking the flames of disasters. If you must be on a dual carriageway, it is important to ensure that you have a flashing light which is amber in color at all times to make your scooter as visible as possible

Secondly, try to always drive in the movement of traffic. This will help to avoid unnecessary collision among vehicles. Try to always use the lights on your scooter. Always remember that you are a vehicle like other cars when on the road, so extra care is needed at all times. There is a reason your scooter comes with a horn. Hence, make sure you deal with your horn judicially and generously. Your horn can serve to even heighten your visibility level.


If you feel the road is just not for you, there are other places where the scooter has the freedom to roam about. One of these places is the pavements. Whether you are using a class 2 or class 3 scooter, usage of pavements is always available to all scooters. However, it is important to know that scooters have a limitation in speed. They are only allowed to run 4 miles per hour when on the pavements. Anything more that is not permitted by law and you could run a serious risk of getting involved with the authorities. You can also find other enjoyable moments with your scooter in the streets where there are no restrictions to the use of scooters


Everyone which drives on the highways or on roads have a responsibility to uphold safety driving in order to prevent accidents on the road. This is no different with scooters. Take care to learn rules guiding scooters in your jurisdiction in order to know what you can or cannot do. This would allow you to have fun with your scooter while staying safe at all times. Therefore, get a scooter today with the full assurance that the world fully recognizes scooter as a vehicle which can be used on the road.

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