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Best Practices For Your Mobility Scooter

Best Practices For Your Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters have proven to be beneficial to those with mobility issues. It has provided them medical aid. Although being very helpful, there are certain practices and tips that should be done on your scooter to enable it to function properly. The need to educate users has prompted this article. We will discuss some of the best ways you can ensure that your scooter performs at an optimal level.

Charging your battery:

While charging, it is advised that you turn off the mobility scooter. Bear in mind that some of the mobility scooters available have different ways in which they are turned off. Most would require you to either move a key, turn a key or press the switch button.

Connecting the charger;

All you have to do is simply plug or connect the socket into the reserved charging spot located on the scooter. Most of the scooters have different charging spots but one thing most have in common is the fact that their charging spots are located at the back of the machine. It is advised that for certain security reasons, you have to disconnect the charger from the socket when it is not being used.

Once you have been able to connect the charger to the machine, then the machine would immediately begin charging. The amount of time that is needed to charge the scooter solely depends on the type, the size and the weight capacity of the scooter. Generally, most machines would charge fully for about 6 to 10 hours. Once the machine has been fully charged, it is advised that you disconnect the charger from the socket.


This is one of the most important components of a mobility scooter and as such should be treated with care. Most of the scooters will either come with a gel based or lead-acid battery and all would require that you charge sufficiently after each use. Generally, mobility scooters come with guidelines. These guidelines will include how many miles or hours you get out of it after a full charge. So, ensure that it is fully charged if you want to benefit or make good use of them. When you first receive or get the machine, it is advised that you charge the battery for about 12 hours first before making use of it.

Being what they are, these batteries could get tired and worn out, so it is important that you hand them over to professionals once in a while to properly check them. One way you can maintain the scooter is by greasing the terminal of the battery. You could use a damp cloth to keep the scooter clean. If in the event that the batteries of the scooter are wet, it is expected of you to wipe them off with a dry rag and leave them to dry completely before making use of it. As you continue to use this scooter for a long period of time, the capacity of the battery to be able to hold charge would begin to decrease gradually. This would mean that you have to regularly charge more often than before. When traveling with this scooter, it is important that you check if the battery of the scooter would be able to take you to and fro. This is to ensure that you are not stranded or left helpless on the road. One fine away to maintain your battery is by storing your battery blog. Store in a safe and easily accessible place.


Asides from charging your battery and taking good care of the scooter, another practice is to check the brakes. Most of the developed scooters come with fully equipped systems of braking. This means that the machine would come naturally to a stop immediately you ease off on the power. As a precautionary move, it is important that you double check the brakes before you set off for that journey.

What you have to check out for, is if the scooter is placed on freewheel. The freewheel mode allows you to freely move the machine around without power, thus meaning that you would not be able to stop it. So this is why it is important to check the brakes and ensure that the machine is not left on the freewheel mode.

The keys:

You have to remember that your scooter is valuable and that most people would love to steal them. To ensure that your scooter is secure, it is advised that you remove your keys whenever you leave the scooter.

For safety, you could decide to leave keys with your family or friends to ensure that even if yours gets missing, you could quickly get them back without spending money.

Ensure that you read the manual:

Manuals can come in handy, so it is important that you carefully read through it. Most people would see it as a waste of time, but it is not. The manual would help give you certain tips and guidelines on how best you can make use of the machine. After reading, ensure that you pick out certain points and adhere strictly to those points and guidelines.


We have discussed some of the best practices that would ensure that your scooter lasts for a longer period of time. These practices are important especially that of charging your battery and double checking tires. Do well to stick to them.

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